ESP Art Stick

The future has landed in LEDs

There are no hoverboards or flying cars, but we can make history think there is.

ESPArtStick is a small wireless pixel controller designed to control a single adressable LED pixels/neopixels using a special shield and for the Wemos D1 mini.

In the last few years, individually addressable RGB lights have been getting cheaper and cheaper. These lights contain a small controller chip alongside the RGB LED which makes it show a certain colour. The controller chips have a serial data input and output, and can be daisy-chained together. In this way you can control many different lights using just a few control wires (rather than needing wires going to each individual light).If you’ve played around with controlling LED pixels, you know that getting the infrastructure set up to control your pixels can be quite time-consuming.

ESP Art Stick allows you to mix together different colors of light with the ease of adding on one of our pixel controllers.

Why Choose Us?

Incorporating LEDs into an electronic project used to be a veritable rat’s nest of wires and custom code. The arrival of dedicated LED driver chips brought welcome relief, offloading grunt work from the micro controller and allowing one to focus on the application. Much simpler, but still not “Christmas light” simple.The ESP Art StickIntegrates Lights in the latest advance in the quest for a simple and affordable full-color LED that is easy to use.

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ESP Art Stick

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